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Evening of Russian Ballet in the palace theaters of St. Petersburg



  • Tour


    St.Petersburg Russian ballet theatre performs in China and Hong Kong

  • National folk show "Russian souvenir"

    National folk show "Russian souvenir"

    The «Russian Ballet» Theatre Presents: National Folklore and Ballet Performance "Russian Souvenir"
  • Don Quixote

    Don Quixote

    St.Petersburg Russian ballet theatre began rehearsals of the ballet Don Quixote (music by L.Minkus)

  • Tour to China 2015-2016

    Tour to China 2015-2016

    St. Petersburg theatre "Russian Ballet" goes on tour to China!

  • USA Tour

    USA Tour

    USA tour is beginning! 21-22 April we'll perform in Dallas, 23 April - New Orleans!

  • Tour to China

    Tour to China

    Tour of St. Petersburg theatre "Russian Ballet" to the cities of China, which began on December 3rd, continues. Successfully passed the first performances. The audience greeted the artists warm welcome and a standing ovation.

  • End of Scandinavian tour, beginning of tour to China

    End of Scandinavian tour, beginning of tour to China

    On the 1st of December in Tampere (Finland) we finished our big Scandinavian tour. Like all other ballet performances in this tour, the show was sold out, there were 1,600 spectators. Critics and audiences have recognized that the tour had a great success.

  • Scandinavian tour

    Scandinavian tour

    Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet" continues an extensive tour to the Nordic countries. More than 20 cities in Norway, Sweden and Finland, are included in the tour. Almost a month, from November 7 to December 1, artists are performing in Scandinavia.

  • Slovakia


    First performances of the famous Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Russian Ballet", founded in 1990, took place in Slovakia: in cities Poprad, Lucenec, Košice.